Vazquez Commercial Contracting wins another USACE, design-build, infrastructure improvement project in Mount Vernon, Indiana

JT Meyer Dam Media Room

Today Vazquez announced its latest project award for the US Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District (USACE LRD). This project, awarded to Vazquez, is valued at $1M. The required work for this project includes refurbishment of the MCC at JT Myers Locks and Dam Operations Building along with providing short circuit and arc flash analysis for the site. The work also includes removal and replacement of specific components within the existing motor control center (MCC) in the JT Myers Locks and Dam Operations building with modern equivalents and all incidental related work. Along with their key subcontractor, Collier Electric, Vazquez will oversee the entirety of the project from demolition to design to construction and testing. 

“We are excited to assist the USACE and the Lockmaster at the J.T. Myers Dam. This is a tremendous opportunity to make the locks a safer place for boaters, commercial barge operators, and the USACE employees working on the Ohio River. We are humbled that the USACE selected VCC to design and construct the electrical upgrades for the motor controls,” said Joe Vazquez, President of Vazquez Commercial Contracting. “VCC’s self-performing electrical division is positioned and staffed to support this project and work together with Collier Electric to deliver a great product for the USACE,” said Mr. Vazquez.

Vazquez is excited to help the USACE Operations team in obtaining energy efficient, durable, maintainable, and sustainable work locations.

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