Vazquez Commercial Contracting (VCC) is continuing to experience exponential growth in design-build and design-bid build project deliveries.

Vazquez seeks to add many new partners, suppliers, designers, engineers, and subcontractors to cover a variety of federal projects across multiple regions and nationally.

The Vazquez subcontractors are critical to the success of construction projects, providing specialized expertise in a wide range of trades, from concrete and drywall to site prep and utilities; from carpentry and flooring to masonry and steel work.

Unlike other GC’s and our competitors, Vazquez subcontractors “don’t fund the construction projects,” said Joe Vazquez, President, and CPA. Vazquez has earned a reputation of paying promptly and treating subcontractors as partners; not stretching invoice payments to the detriment of the small business owners.

The national labor shortage and a robust construction market have caused subcontractors to rethink which GCs they provide bids. Vazquez subcontractors rarely turn down work and often expand service areas to increase participation with Vazquez.

The Vazquez Bid & Proposal process is efficient, effective, and confidential. The VCC leadership team protects the integrity of the process and safeguards the price and proprietary materials of each of the subcontractors. In addition, Vazquez does a few other things differently including:

  • Seeks input from subcontractors and continuously improve the bidding process
  • Negotiates in good faith, gathers input, and offers fair contract and payment terms
  • Encourages the frequent use of prompt payment discounts and use of EFT/Wire Transfers to speed account to account transfer of funds
  • Constantly improves the methods and practices of validating subcontractor’s requests for payment to match the value eared by the subcontractor in the field
  • Conducts regular group and individual face-to-face stakeholder meetings with subcontractors
  • Respects the subcontractor and treats them as a trading partner
  • Empowers people to collaborate to solve problems at the lowest level possible

Come join the Vazquez team and see what makes us a unique construction company!