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Federal Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Contracting Solutions for All Types of New Construction, Renovations, and Special Projects

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Vazquez Commercial Contracting LLC provides federal program managers with long-term, multiple-award, task order contracts (MATOCs) that are convenient, easy to access, and offer a broad range of scopes that can accommodate a variety of routine and emergency construction requirements.

These contract vehicles expedite the delivery of VCC’s comprehensive assortment of design-build and design-bid-build construction solutions for horizontal and vertical construction activities. VCC’s contract portfolio includes several, agency accessible, IDIQs with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the General Service Administration (GSA). Some of the most flexible contracting offices, popular contracts, and regions include the USACE Louisville, Omaha, and Tulsa Districts. In addition, VCC holds nearly $500MM in GSA construction contracts in regions 5, 6, and 7. These MATOCs and IDIQs include a variety of Small Business and Unrestricted awards that may be available for use by agency buyers.

VCC is a rapidly growing construction company, and some construction contract awards can take up to 18 months to receive award notification. The following list of contracts is regularly updated and may not represent the totality of the contracts available for orders. Please contact VCC’s corporate offices for more specific information regarding funding activities, ordering procedures, current points of contact (POCs), and potential period of performance and scope limitations.

If your agency or organization is searching for a better construction partner, responsible bidder, and professionally managed firm please contact us with the opportunity and VCC’s leadership team will evaluate the opportunity to expand to your installation or federal location. VCC may already have an office expansion plan or Mentor/Protégé with an office and operation near your location.

State of Missouri


Design-Bid-Build Construction

Type: IDIQ/Job Order
PoP: February 2024 – February 2026
Ceiling: $20MM

City of Kansas City


Design-Build Construction

Type: Definitive/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: July 2021 – July 2027
Ceiling: $25MM

GSA Region 6


Small Business Design-Build General Construction

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: January 2024 – January  2029
Ceiling: $25MM

USACE St. Paul & Rock Island Districts


Design-Build Civil Construction Mississippi Valley Division

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: January 2023 – January 2028
Ceiling: $50MM

USACE Tulsa District


Design-Build Construction SWD Mission Boundaries

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: November 2022 – November 2027
Ceiling: $49MM

USACE Louisville District


Operations & Maintenance Construction IDIQ Ohio River Valley & Great Lakes Mission Boundaries

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: March 2021 – March 2026
Ceiling: $45MM

GSA Public Building Services


Design-Build Base Construction & Improvements

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Zone C

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: October 2022 – October 2027
Ceiling: $500MM

USACE Omaha District


Rapid Disaster Infrastructure Response Construction Contract (RDI) Domestic

Type: IDIQ/Cost Plus
PoP: June 2021 – June 2029
Ceiling: $99MM

Whiteman AFB MATOC


Design-Build Base Construction & Improvements

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: June 2021 – June 2030
Ceiling: $135MM

GSA Region 6


Small Business General Construction

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: August 2020 – August 2025
Ceiling: $100MM

GSA Region 5


Construction, Renovation, & Repairs

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: September 2019 – September 2024
Ceiling: $37.5MM

GSA Region 7


Design-Build General Construction

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: April 2019 – October 2024
Ceiling: $20MM



Base General Construction

Type: IDIQ/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: August 2021– August 2026
Ceiling: $200MM

United States Post Office


General Construction

Type: JOC/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: July 2019 – July 2025
Ceiling: $9.9MM

United States Post Office


General Construction & Repairs

Type: JOC/Firm-Fixed Price
PoP: January 2020 – January 2026
Ceiling: $9.9MM

GSA Region 6


Design-Build Unrestricted Award

PoP: August 2020 – August 2025
Ceiling: $100MM