Vazquez specializes in adding modern building solutions to outdated structures with military and historical significance.

"Our personnel design, engineer, and carefully deliver renovation services that limit disruption, heighten mission capabilities, advance installation readiness, and improve the quality of life for soldiers and airmen."

- Joe C. Vazquez

Business Profile and Background Information

General Business and Construction Classifications:

  • Primary NAICS: 236220 General Contractor
  • Other Key Supplemental NAICS: 236210, 237310, 237990, 238210, 238220, 238910, and 561210
  • Self-Performance: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP)

Socio Economic Classifications:

  • SBA Certified Small Business & 8(a) Program Alumni
  • Kansas Certified Minority-Owned Business (MBE)
  • Missouri Certified Minority-Owned Business (MBE)
  • Kansas City, MO Certified Minority-Owned Business (MBE)

Prior Three Years of Experience Modification Ratings (EMR):

  •  2021 :  .77
  • 2022 :  .76
  •  2023 :  .75

Financial & Organizational Strength:

  • Single project bonding limit: $60,000,000
  • Aggregate bonding capacity: $120,000,000

* Highest single bond achieved $400MM with joint venture partner and SBA approved Mentor *

Company Historical Performance Measures:

Successful Quality Control & Safety Management Programs (zero recordable OSHA injuries)

Contractor Performance Assessment Rating System ( contains 100% Satisfactory Performance Ratings with 15 years of successful federal contract construction administration experience

3,000+ Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build construction past performance projects with city, state, and federal customers including META, Google, Pansonic, DoD-USACE, GSA and a variety of other commercial and federal customers.

Markland Dam

quality professional subcontractors and low turnover sets us apart.

We have skilled leaders both in the office and in the field.

Most construction companies function strictly as a general contractor, sending all the scopes of work to a variety of unvetted subcontractors to meet minimum bid and proposal requirements. At Vazquez, subcontractors are an integral element of the team and each must undergo due diligence protocols before working on any project. Selected project subcontractors receive timely information, modifications, and rapid payments—all of which lead to retention and enduring rapport with Vazquez.

Electrical Division

Vazquez employs master and journeyman electricians, trained and qualified in voice/data systems up to and including medium voltage services.

civil and marine Division

Vazquez performs small and large civil construction projects on land and waterways to include flood mitigation, pier construction, levee repairs and new builds, bank stabilization, and waterway construction on lakes, rivers, locks and dams.

Mechanical Division

Vazquez pipefitters are subject matter experts with extensive training and knowledge in major building systems. Vazquez designs and installs small split and large industrial chiller systems.

Design-Build expertise

Vazquez designers utilize Revit and Navisworks to design 3D models and coordinate the BIM envelope. VCC partners with specialty-specific Architecture & Engineering firms to fill requirements for complex design requirements.

Emergency Response services

Vazquez provides the USACE with routine O&M construction support coupled with Rapid Disaster Infrastructure Response Services. Emergency Response Services may be procured using a Prime Contract with the USACE Omaha District, a $99MM CPFF award with a PoP from 2020-2028.

Government Contracting Leader

Vazquez is an experienced federal, state, and local government construction company with proficiency in all types of public contracting vehicles including JOCs, BOAs, MATOCs, SATOCs, and other IDIQ types with agencies including: GSA, USACE, NPS, VA, DoD Installations, USDA, State of MO, and Kansas City.

Grand Haven Pier Restoration and Renovation

Grand Haven, Michigan

Vazquez Commercial Contracting (VCC) partnered with BESCO and received acceptance into the SBA’s Mentor Protege Program (MPP). The company is a Large Business, licensed in 43 states, and employs over 750 employees performing complex DB and DBB electrical and mechanical construction services for commercial and federal agencies. Vazquez received SBA approval to receive Management & Technical Assistance and Business Development Support Services from BESCO in this MPA. The firms have joined together to perform EV charging station installations and created a joint venture in early 2024. The initial term of the SBA Agreement matures on February 01, 2027, and the renewal period ends in 2030.

February 2024

Mentor Protege


Vazquez Commercial Contracting (VCC) joined the FORGEN team as an SBA approved Protege under the SBA’s All Small Mentor Protege Program (ASMPP). The Agreement and subsequent approval permit VCC and FORGEN to share intellect, resources, and knowledge, under Secondary NAICS Code 237310. Furthermore, the MPP permits FORGEN to share proprietary business methods and operating practices with VCC to assist with the maturity and growth of VCC. Upon approval, VCC and FORGEN formed a joint venture (Vazquez Forgen JV LLC). The joint venture recieved an initial contract award from the USACE Omaha District in 2021. The USACE award is VCC’s first Cost Plus (CPFF) contract award ($99MM). Together, VCC and FORGEN provide national, Rapid Disaster Infrastructure support services to the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Mentor/Protege Agreement renews in November of 2023 and contains an additional optional period of three (3) years, taking the approval to November 2026.

November 2020

Civil Construction Mentor Approval


Vazquez Commercial Contracting (VCC) partnered with Journey Steel Inc (JSI) and received SBA approval to perform mentoring responsibilities for a term of three (3) years. JSI is a Woman-Owned Small Business and an active participant in the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program. Journey Steel is a self-producer and fabricator of structural and ancilliary steel products that are used in both vertical and horizontal construction projects. The SBA also simultaneously approved a joint venture application (Journey Vazquez JV) and the team received an initial Sole Source contract award from Whiteman AFB, located in Knob Noster, Missouri. JSI later received approval for a bona fide office by the Kansas City SBA Business Development Specialist and now operates in Cincinnati and Kansas City. The initial approval period matures on October 8, 2023 and the SBA may grant the team an additional three (3) years making the final period end in the Fall of 2026.

October 2020

GC Protege Approval


Company History

Owning a successful construction company was never the plan for Joe Vazquez, he was going to be a big-time accountant and get his CPA license. He was even awarded Accountant Student of the year his senior year at The University of Missouri – Kansas City. However, after working 5 years in an accounting firm, he found he just wasn’t passionate about what he was doing, and it showed. Eventually, Joe was let go from the accounting firm he had been working for. However, if you ask Joe these days, the best thing to ever happen to him was getting fired. Losing his job led to him working with his Father In-Law and Brother In-Law in their residential construction company. It was there that he learned the ropes and found the passion to one day own his own construction company.

After the housing market crashed, Joe took what he learned from his onsite construction experience, coupled with his experience of auditing construction companies and opened Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC. in January 2008. This probably wasn’t the best economy to open a company, but Joe was determined to be successful.

In 2010 Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC earned its certificate as an SBA approved 8(a) business. The application process was not easy, but Joe was an expert at paperwork after years of auditing books as a CPA. In 2011 Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC won their first 8(a) contract with the GSA. Over the next nine years Vazquez was awarded and completed over 90 Million in 8(a) contracts alone. Vazquez was able to graduate from the 8(a) program in 2019 and went on to mentor other companies.

In 2014, Vazquez was awarded their first Job Order Contract (JOC) contract with Fort Leavenworth. This propelled the company forward as a federal contractor and gave them the experience needed to compete with other larger construction companies. Vazquez went on to open their Mechanical Division in 2016, and their Electrical Division in 2017. With all their growth Vazquez went on to open a second office and warehouse to meet their needs.

2020 was a hard year for all, but Vazquez was able to power through and continue to grow. Vazquez has gone on to win multiple JOC’s with The State of Missouri and The City of Kansas City, Missouri. In 2023, Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC surpassed their 3000th project as a company. In addition, in 2023, Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC went on to open their own Plumbing Division, bringing Joe’s dream of becoming a full MEP contractor to fruition.

The future looks bright here at Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC. With this continued growth we look forward to building a new office and warehouse space, custom-built to our needs. In 2025, Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC plans on breaking ground with our brand new corporate headquarters. We are excited for what the future holds.

Vazquez Company History

Tom and Joe