Johnson County Kansas Awards Vazquez Mission Critical Electrical Service Contract

Johnson County, Kansas

The Financial Management and Administrative Office has competitively awarded Vazquez Commercial Contracting with a 24-hour ‘on-call’ and rapid response county-wide electrical services contract. This selection highlights the confidence and mutual respect between VCC’s Electrical Division and the Johnson County leadership team. Vazquez is tasked with maintaining operational capability and staffing capacity to respond to emergency service calls within a two-hour window, a demanding requirement for service providers.

Under this contract, Vazquez is responsible for a wide range of electrical and ancillary services across nearly 80 facilities, including law enforcement buildings, spanning the entire 480 square miles of the county. The scope of work encompasses minor electrical repairs, troubleshooting, emergency repairs, general alterations and testing, as well as removal and installation of various electrical systems and components such as service changes, high voltage fuses and breakers, alarms, communication systems, controls, lighting, switchgear, generators, transformers, UPS units, and emergency lighting.

This contract underscores VCC’s capability to manage numerous concurrent projects efficiently, providing prompt services to Johnson County’s residents, engineers, and contract administrators. With a term of one year and four additional option years, this award reflects Vazquez Commercial Contracting’s dedication to delivering quality, safety, and exceptional performance in serving the stakeholders of Johnson County, Kansas.

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