General Contracting

General Contracting Principles and Practices

General Contracting (GC) is an important facet of nearly every construction project and at Vazquez, the GC practice of contracting with subcontractors supplements the company’s ability to meet the customers requirements, control costs, and deliver the contractual deliverables. Vazquez prefers to self-perform as much of the project scope as possible; however, there are clear instances when the VCC team prefers to include other contractors in order to limit increases in the project costs, delay the schedule, and when the availability of people and equipment present advantages to selecting and deploying subcontractors. The Vazquez GC Division leadership team provides clients with project transparency and when contracting with VCC, the final decision always rests with the customer!
2022 – Whiteman Air Force Base
$3.0M to Replace the Underground Loading Docks
IL Waterway Hydraulic Dredging IDIQ – $17MM
$750K to Repair the Bullnose at Markland Locks & Dam
$5.3M to Replace Commercial Refrigeration System Base Commissary
$3.6M to Repairs the MSA Drainage System
$80M to Rennovate, Update, and Remodel Several Hospitals & Clinics

$20M in Historical Building Renovations

Design and Install Electrical Components for Audio-Visual Remodeling

Past Performance

General Contracting History

In 2008, Vazquez Commercial Contracting (VCC) began to provide commercial construction services as a General Contractor (GC) and with a single self-performing trade, carpentry. Vazquez performed hundreds of lower-value, interior construction projects as part of larger interior remodeling services. The company earned a reputation built on quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices, and unparalleled customer service. The responsible handling of small projects didn’t go unnoticed and by 2009, federal agencies started to rely on Vazquez for a growing variety of other construction trades, labor, and management expertise. By 2010, VCC became a competitive bidder and earned hundreds of new commercial contracts and task orders from the GSA, Department of Interior, and Department of Defense. During the next 10 years, VCC accumulated past performance at nearly every federal agency in a 21 state service area and word-of-mouth produced countless projects and satisfied clients, totaling over $500MM in successful commercial and federal work.

Diversity and Inclusion in practice

In 2021, Vazquez was the only SBA participating construction company with two (2) SBA Approved Mentors and one (1) SBA Protégé Firms simultaneously. Vazquez is an SBA Small Business and Protégé to Forgen and BESCO. These two mentors provide Vazquez with incredible support that materially affects the company’s strategic and planned growth. In return, Vazquez Mentors one socioeconomically disadvantaged small business, Journey Steel. Vazquez also joint ventures with several other MBE Firms with specialty skills and high-growth potential. Please contact the corporate headquarters if your firm has an interest in working with Vazquez. VCC always welcomes new opportunities to work with other industry leading firms!
Diversity and Inclusion

Financial Strength

Vazquez is a debt-free company building on 15 years of consecutive profitability and a substantial commercial line-of-credit (LOC). VCC also possesses highly-competitive bonding rates with a $60M single project and an $120M aggregate bonding limit. VCC’s highest single project bond sourced was a $400M bond for the Kansas City Levee project bid in 2021.

Project Management

VCC’s project managers offer a diverse skillset and many of the PMs possess 20+ years of federal and commercial construction experience. VCC’s PMs produce tangible results by continuously monitoring project KPIs and subcontractor compliance. Most PMs manage multiple projects, in large geographic areas, while simultaneously completing projects with success. The Vazquez team always deploys the best people and software tools to enhance project communication, improve pre-construction and post-construction documentation, and aid in the delivery of quality, timely completion of projects.


VCC’s staff and subcontracted engineers enable VCC to scale competencies to meet every client’s needs and coordinate multiple disciplines into project designs. Whether it is coordinating utilities in Revit or designing a complete system, the Vazquez team arrives with the experience and the knowledge to complete the task and accomplish the design requirements.

Project Execution

VCC recruits, hires, and retains a cadre of highly qualified Superintendents. VCC’s field supervisors possess and average of 23 years of construction supervision experience, demonstrate mastery of the site management, and offer decades of safe, quality work. VCC’s vetting process produces Superintendents with a clear history of progressive leadership and increased responsibility. All VCC Superintendents arrive at the site with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to complete the mission and most have performed the roles of Safety Manager (SSHO) and Quality Manager (QCM).

Safety Culture

The Vazquez Safety Systems Manager’s qualifications include a BS degree, 10 years of experience, and the board-certified safety professional (CSP) credentials. The SSM is not the only Safety professional in the organization. In fact, every employee is empowered to implement safety practices into their work. VCC performs as a Safety Team in constant pursuit of perfection and achieving zero lost time for injuries at the site, in the office, and traveling to and from work locations. This is the VCC culture; not just a list of safety rules required by federal and commercial entities. VCC’s record of safe performance exceeds industry standards and reflective in the EMR rating (.75). VCC commits to keeping employees, clients, and the public safe during the performance of work.