VCC and BESCO Collaborate in SBA’s Mentor Protege Program for Developing EV Charging Station Ventures.

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Cincinnati, OH – Vazquez Commercial Contracting (VCC) partnered with BESCO and received acceptance into the SBA’s Mentor Protege Program (MPP).   Broadway Electric Service Corporation (BESCO) origins trace to the inception of US Nuclear Program known to many as the Manhattan Project in 1943.  The company is a Large Business, licensed in 43 states, and employs over 750 employees performing complex DB and DBB electrical and mechanical construction services for commercial and federal agencies.  BESCO provides High, Medium & Low Voltage Distribution Systems; Automation; Controls – MCC, PLC, VFD, HMI, HVAC; Instrumentation; Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits; Substation Installation/maintenance of emergency power systems; alternative energy sources; conveyor power & controls; and testing, verification, certification services.  Vazquez received SBA approval to receive Management & Technical Assistance, and Business Development Support Services from BESCO in this MPA. The firms formed an alliance to perform EV charging station installations and later created a joint venture in early 2024. The initial term of the SBA Agreement matures on February 01, 2027 and the renewal period ends in 2030.

President Joe Vazquez expressed, “We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with BESCO through the SBA’s Mentor Protege Program. The opportunity to expand our expertise in EV charging stations is truly exciting, and we look forward to the innovative ventures that lie ahead.”

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