State of Missouri awards Vazquez job order contract

a group of construction workers are working on a construction site

Kansas City, MO – The State of Missouri competitively awarded Vazquez Commercial Contracting a state-wide Job Order Contract (JOC).  This contract award demonstrates the overall program satisfaction, trust, and confidence established over the performance of the previous contract delivery.

This new contract award includes an array of design-bid-build construction services such as renovation, maintenance, repair, and alteration services for locations throughout the entire State of Missouri.

Under the terms of the JOC, the State of Missouri issues detailed Job Order proposal requests for each project, with VCC responsible for furnishing all of the required planning, scheduling, labor, equipment, supplies and materials.   Notably, this contract underscores VCC’s ability to manage dozens of overlapping and simultaneously projects, offering flexibility and responsiveness to the State’s evolving needs.

With a cumulative annual limit of $10,000,000, this JOC reflects the Vazquez Commercial Contracting team’s commitment to quality, safety, and superior performance in serving the State of Missouri.