Vazquez Commercial Contracting Hits A Major Milestone  – 3000th Project Awarded 

Vazquez Project

With its most recent awards, Vazquez Commercial Contracting announced today that they have crossed the 3000 mark in number of projects won. Together with new awards from the Army Corps of Engineers and USA Fort Campbell, these new projects round out FY 2023. 

“We are incredibly proud of our employees, partners, and suppliers to have reached this milestone. The synergy of talent, quality, and safety are what makes us who we are organizationally and allows us to continue to reach new heights”, remarked Joe Vazquez, President of Vazquez Commercial Contracting. Founded in 2008, Vazquez is a Certified Minority-Owned Business and an experienced federal, state, and local government construction firm. Dedicated to excellence across 21 states, Vazquez employs a multitude of public contracting vehicles including JOCs, BOAs, MATOCs, SATOCs, and other IDIQ types with agencies including: GSA, USACE, NPS, VA, DoD Installations, USDA, State of MO, and Kansas City, MO. Through mentor protege agreements and other B2B relationships, Vazquez partners with some of the industry’s best to offer a wealth of variety and expertise across all lines of construction. 

Contributing to its success, Vazquez employs Sustainable Construction techniques that minimize the impact to the environment and limit the consumption of natural resources, as an overarching approach to all projects. These contract vehicles expedite the delivery of Vazquez’s comprehensive assortment of design-build and design-bid-build construction solutions for horizontal and vertical construction activities. 

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