U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Awards Vazquez Commercial Contracting a $4MM Olmstead, IL Infrastructure Contract

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District awarded a highly-competitive project to extend the floating mooring bitts at the Olmstead Locks & Dam, a complex project requiring specialty civil and marine-based construction expertise. 

Vazquez Commercial Contracting will fabricate, test, and install 12 mooring bitt extensions over the next 500 days.  When the project is complete, the US Army Corps of Engineers will enjoy improved safety and traffic control efficiencies created by this critical waterway infrastructure improvement project.  The project work is intended to reduce tow and barge delays by enhancing the existing infrastructure.  Vazquez will ease barge traffic congestion and help control the traffic pattern of commercial barges as they transport raw materials up and down the Ohio River.  The newly constructed Olmsted Locks & Dam opened in 2018, replacing older, slower, and congested locks 52 and 53. This major USACE waterway infrastructure investment took a decade to construct and over $3B investment.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to improve the safety of the region’s river traffic on the Ohio River.   We are thrilled to serve the river communities along the Ohio River,” said Joe Vazquez, President of Vazquez Commercial Contracting. “The combined capabilities of Vazquez and our local subcontractors provide a distinct competitive advantage in the region and position the team for continuous growth in the federal and commercial marketplace.”


About Vazquez Commercial Contracting (VCC)

Vazquez holds 24 federal contracts totaling $1.25B.  Vazquez provides Design-Build (DB) and Design-Bid-Build (DBB) general contracting services for the United States Government and commercial clients in 21 states including the Ohio River Valley & Great Lakes, Mississippi, Southwest, and Northwest.  Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Vazquez is the home of two, large, self-performing mechanical and electrical divisions that design and install systems for dozens of Department of Defense sites. VCC also provides emergency and routine DB and DBB civil construction services for roads, waterways, levees, and locks/dams.  VCC’s Ohio River Valley & Great Lakes Division office is in Loveland, Ohio.

Contact: AJ Shelby, Ohio River Valley Market Manager 513-675-4931 or ajs@vazquezcc.com

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