U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Awards Vazquez the Clarence J. Brown Dam & Reservoir Spillway Project

Clarence J. Brown Dam & Reservoir Spillway Project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District competitively awarded the project to repair the very old and aging spillway concrete.  Vazquez continues to strengthen its presence within the USACE Great Lakes and Ohio River Division and the rapport with the USACE Louisville District with the award of a new infrastructure repair project near Dayton, OH.

The project at the Clarence J. Brown Dam & Reservoir requires Vazquez to repair the damaged concrete and failed concrete patches along the surface of the emergency spillway to prevent further erosion and to maintain the safety of local residents. Vazquez is simultaneously repairing and strengthening the damaged portions of concrete along the crest and sidewalls of the spillway.

The project is VCC’s third Southwest Ohio award this year from the USACE’s Operations and Maintenance Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC).  The construction site is active, and crews are already preparing the surface for cutting and demolition activities.  The Vazquez Civil, Marine, & Special Projects Group is managing and overseeing the entirety of the project from the company’s Cincinnati, OH office.   “We are excited to assist the USACE and the City of Springfield with this work. This is a tremendous opportunity to make the reservoir a safer place for boaters and campers while limiting flood risks for local landowners and residents,” said the Project Manager, David Wahl. “Our team is positioned to support this project with our trusted Service-Disabled partner, Brannon Contracting & Maintenance Services,” said Mr. Wahl.

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